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personalized, handcrafted jewelry for mothers of all ages

family photoIn the Spring of 2002, I had my first child Joey. I loved being a mom! I never wanted to be away from my son and if I absolutely had to be, I wanted to have some reminder of him with me at all times. Since I had been making jewelry for a few years, I decided to make a necklace with Joey’s name on it. I put it on and never took it off. To my surprise, I received countless compliments and seemingly endless requests to make the same necklace for others. Before long, I was making necklaces for virtually everyone I knew…and everyone they knew.

In 2004 my daughter Laney came along. At two weeks old, we nicknamed her “Laneybird” because she always had her mouth open waiting to be fed. I was so excited to have a little girl to make jewelry for and dress in pink. Early on I made her a little angel necklace that she still wears today.

As Joey and Laney grew, I continued to make necklaces and various personalized pieces for others. It became apparent that it was time for a website so I could share these pieces with you. Here it is, lovingly named after my daughter, Laneybird.

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